Sep 16, 2012

12 not axed: Sabah FA

Kota Kinabalu: The Sabah Football Association clarified that the 12 local players who will not be donning State colours next season are not axed as reported earlier.

Vice President II Datuk Yusof Kassim called Express Sports and explained that these players were merely informed of the decision that their services are no longer needed for the coming season and their existing contracts will not be renewed but the FA will continue to pay their salaries until the end of their contracts.

"They are not sacked as contrary to the reports.

The management has decided to rebuild the team for the challenge ahead and it was just unfortunate that they are not part of the plan for the new season."

"The reason we gave them early notice is to allow them the time to look for other teams next season and at the same time there is also room for mutual consent if they want early release from their existing contractual date," he added.

The committee had on Monday held a meeting to deliberate on the status of the current State players and the names released later saw the FA deciding to let ex-captain Mohd Reithudin Ag Emran, Mafry Balang, Mohd Farris Mat Isa, Ronny Harun, Azizon Abdul Kadir, Syed Adney Syed Hussein, Sanjos Sundawat, Safuan Ibrahim, Naim Ahmad, Zuraindey Jumai, Bobby Gonzales and Razlan Oto to go free after their contracts end in November.

Yusof who chaired the meeting to endorse the decision on Monday evening wished the players the best in their future tenure.

"It was not an easy task to make as we have to sit for three meetings to study the reports from all quarters thoroughly before making the decision.

We have no doubt these players have tried their best for the team during the season but we also have our own assessment and a certain standard to base on so a final decision had to be made for the good of the team," he said.

For those players whose names are not on the list, there may still be a possibility that they may not be featured next season as both parties have still yet to negotiate on terms.

Only youngsters Rozaimi and Sabri are sure to make the senior team next season together with three other fellow President Cup players Leopold Alphonso, Razid Gafar and Adiafandi Dullah who have been promoted to the senior team as professionals.

Three others - Endre S. Tipay, Dendy Lowa Didie and Zulmanshah Aling will be registered in the President Cup squad next year and they will be playing a supporting role to the seniors.

News source:
Daily Express

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