Dec 1, 2012

Players resume pre-training season

Kota Kinabalu: The State M-League pre-season training session is slowly taking shape with all but three local imports from the peninsula showing up for the sessions so far.

Two strikers, one midfielder, one goalkeeper and one defender who are all believed to have signed-up appeared at the Intan campus training ground on Thursday.

Another centre half was also at the scene and judging by his performance and the reaction of the coaches, he may be given a chance to wear Sabah colours next season.

The three players who are yet to show up are believed to be the first choice goalkeeper, a striker from T-Team and another central defender.

After a long spell of rain, the training session on Thursday was a welcome relief for David McCreery as the sky opened up and the players were given a thorough workout by the coach.

Malian import striker Koh Traore again was the focal point and he certainly did not disappoint with his intelligent runs and powerful shots.

During the two-hour sessions, he displayed his heading ability and the quality of his finishing despite his lack of fitness having only arrived 48 hours earlier.

Most of the local players are also warmed to his presence and he seemed to fit in quickly with the team as well.

Just like already signed Rhys David Weston, he acted professionally and was willing to guide fellow strikers such as Leopold Alfonso on the field as well.

The State team who have been searching for a deadly striker for the past few seasons looked to have finally found the man they needed to lead them for a quick return to the Super League next season.

News source:
Daily Express (1/12/12)

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