Apr 25, 2012

7 kata-kata menarik dari Hendrik Helmke untuk Sabahawks

Hendrik Helmke Sabahawks
Hendrik Helmke
Pemain import baru Sabahawks, Hendrik Helmke bertekad untuk membantu majikan barunya, Sabah FA untuk kembali mengegar dalam Liga Super bagi menghidupkan semula impian Sabahawks memburu kedudukan 5 teratas liga musim ini.

Mari kita kongsi sama-sama 7 perkara menarik yang diperkatakan oleh Hendrik Helmke untuk kita semua...
1. Komitmen Hendrik untuk pasukan
“One man cannot decide the game, as this is a team sport. We need collective efforts from each member of the team to do it”.
“It’s okay with me … no problem. I will try my utmost best for the team".
Hendrik...jangan di mulut saja. Buktikan semua itu di atas padang...

2. Fitness Hendrik
“I’ve not played any competitive football since last November (2011). So it will take like two or three week to get my fitness. Since I came here, I have been doing extra training, on my own as well as with the team’s fitness trainer."
“I also need more real games to get to my best.”
No hal...palan-palan bos...

3. Pendapat Hendrik mengenai Sabah
“I’m a little bit tired. The climate is totally different from where I come from, and I need a little time to adjust myself to the weather here, but it is not a big problem.”
Mau kana kasi round-round Sabah dulu ne...

4. Bagaimana Hendrik boleh sampai ke Sabah
“I was without a club after a season with IFK Mariehamn (Finland). I received several offers from Europeans clubs, but it was nothing conclusive. So when he (Fernando) told me about the MSL, I decided to come and that is how I ended up here."
Nampaknya MSL ini famous berbanding beberapa liga di sana...haha..

5. Target Hendrik bersama Sabahawks
“I like to beat Johor FC. At the same time, I hope the team will be able to make a commendable finish in the MSL and do well in the Malaysia Cup.”
Top 5 ja ba bos...bukan susah tu...

6. Hendrik dan rakan sepasukan
“They are good people and all of them are very friendly. I think I can adapt quite easily into the team, unlike if you are playing for big European clubs, some of the players, who played in the Champions League are rather arrogant and so on.”
Bah..ngam laitu...yang penting be'ngam'...jangan pula ko yang arrogant nanti...hehe

7. Posisi idaman bersama Sabahawks
“I started as a striker, but later on, I played more in midfield, but I like to play behind the strikers … offensive midfielder. But I can also play at the centre of midfield, or even as a striker.”
Aset penting ne...boleh main banyak posisi...

Yang pastinya, 4 Mei 2012 di Stadium Likas....kita akan sama-sama saksikan penampilan sulung Hendrik Helmke di Liga Super...Good luck Hendrik...
Sabah Tatappp!!!

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