Jun 25, 2012

Ken, Scott ready to help ‘rescue’ ailing Sabahawks

Scott Ollerenshaw
KOTA KINABALU: Ken Shellito and Scott Ollerenshaw have offered their services to help get the ailing Sabah out of troubled waters.

They volunteered themselves to take charge of the team for the remainder of their Super League fixtures or until the Sabah FA found their man to replace head coach Justin Ganai, who was removed from the post on Monday.

A reliable source told the New Sabah Times Sports that, in fact, both Ken and Scott had expressed their intention to lead the team to someone within the association.

And now the ball is in the FA’s court to decide what is best for the team.

At the moment, assistant coach Andrew Majanggim is taking charge of the State squad, who faced Kelantan last night.

The source, who prefers anonymity, added that both Ken and Scott are sincere in trying to help the team.

“They are not even asking for any payment. They will do it for free simply because they love the Sabah team, and they, like any other Sabahan are also sad and disappointed with the predicaments that the team is facing at the moment,” said the source.
“What they want to see is for Sabah to avoid relegation. They believe they can reorganise the team and bring in new ideas, and are determined to lift the morale of the players,” he added.

For the record, the FA is currently in talks with one or two coaches from Peninsular Malaysia. However, they have yet to get the man to lead the team (at press time).

But with Ken and Scott voluntarily offering their services, it will give the FA a new alternative.

The source, who is close to both men, said Ken and Scott are willing to work hand in hand in finding the right solution to stop the rot.

Both Ken and Scott are no strangers to the State football scene.

Englishman Ken was a former Technical Director of Football for the FA in the late 90s, and has been around long enough to know the State players inside and out.

Besides being a Technical Director of Football, Ken also had a brief spell with the State senior squad.

And it was during his reign that Md Reithudin Awang Emran made his senior debut in early 2000.

Then Ken braved himself to play the young Reithuddin at the heart of the Sabah defence in the absence of the suspended Veselin Kovacevic.

During his heyday, Ken, who is married to a local from Penampang, played for Chelsea, as well as England before injury forced him out from the game before going into coaching.

Besides Sabah, Ken has also coached a few teams in the Peninsula.

His recent attachment was with the Asian Football Confederation.

On the other hand, Scott needs no introduction.

He was the idol of Sabah football during the mid 90s. It was during his time that Sabah emerged as the top team in the country, including winning the then Premier League crown (now known as Super League) in 1996.

While donning Sabah colours, the former Rhino hotshot also won the Golden Boot award twice.

Like Ken, Scott is also married to a local, in former Sabah karate queen Michelle Koh.

Scott has been doing his bit in the development of the game for a few years now by organising the KK Junior Football League where 24 teams are currently competing in the League, which has three age-group categories, with each category attracting eight teams.

News source:
News Sabah Times

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  1. Nah, tinguk, drg scott lagi ada jatidiri mau kasi maju Sabah. Mmg sepatutnya drg yg kana bagi can dari awal lagi utk lead sabah football. Ini, mau ambik lagi coach bangang tah hapa2 dari seberang? Drg mana ada Spirit of Sabah. Klu itu hari, ada kes rasuah pemain di "sebelah sana", ndak pula sia dingar sampai kana buang daerah la, itu la, ini la, setakat penggantungan 6 bulan ja? Mau kasi maju bola sabah? The Sabahan way? panggil pemain2 legend kita, Scott, Ken, Hassan Sani.. etc, n yg paling penting, paduli la crita lama, panggil MATLAN MARJAN!! biar dia kasi turun skill dia sama urg kita. i dont care what people say, ini safa (ayam mati) mati2 mau ikut rules, napa ndak query kes rasuah seberang. Appeal la kes pemain2 kita yg dulu kana buang daerah tu. Apa yg kamurang SAFA buat skrg, langsung ndak berkesan, makin lama, makin teruk. Jgn la mengharap sama urg luar, Sabah kuat dulu, pasal pemain ada semangat negeri yg kuat, coach pun Kelly Tham, sabah juga. Mmg semua pihak salah, yg pemain ni pulak, apahal sampai 9? kamurang teda nafas ka, atau kebaruan nampak synthetic field, atau kogutan semua? yalah, kaamatan kan.. Rombak la balik pasukan, dari atas sampai bawah. Reject politician in sports, they bring nothing but misery. Asal ada politik, mmg hangkang.. tinguk ja FAM, msia punya team no brapa skrg? world ranking.. EPIC FAIL..!! ndak mau cakap la, kasi tenang pikiran dulu baru bulih cakap yg waras sikit nih..



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